Fantasy Shrine
Angels, demons, gods, oh my. Stories, some truth, some not so truth. A shrine to them who speak.


Ragnabreak - Great Warrior by chesterocampo


Vega Conflict Hologram by DNA-1


I don't know if you'll get it or not but the painting you were wondering about is called ELIKA by Yue Yue. And I did put the link in when I reblogged it so feel free to check em out. ^-^

Oh thank you so much :))

- The Silence - by vielmond

Under the Sun by SansaXIX

Teardrop by NanoMortis

Elvish gauntlet by Feral-Workshop

XIGHNAR - silver and labradorite. by LUNARIEEN

Knowledge is the Key by Design-By-Humans

Shadow in the night by SaikoXIX